19th MESAEP Symposium – October 4-6, 2017

The forthcoming Symposium of MESAEP (Mediterranean Scientific Association of Environmental Protection) will be held in Rome, Italy in the beginning of October 2017 (October 4-6).
The focal theme of the Symposium this year will be on Environmental and health inequity; science in the service of society and it will feature specialised sessions on:
1. Environmental and health inequities – socio-economic determinants of exposure
2. Sustainable natural resource and waste management
3. Environmental health and well-being
4. Climate change mitigation and air pollution abatement – towards win-win solutions
5. Indoor and outdoor air pollution
6. Water and soil pollution and control
7. Ecotoxicity and biodiversity
8. Energy, environment and sustainability
9. Environmental economics, policy and education
10. Natural and man-made environmental disasters
11. New and emerging technologies for environmental and health applications
and a panel discussion on migration and environment.
There are very good opportunities for young scientists offered at the Symposium and conscientious effort has been made to keep the registration fees low for everyone.

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