Training Schedule

#M M,Y Date Host Place Theme Status WP Information
1 Oct 2013 23-25.10.2013 UMPC Paris
Kick Off Internal Link
3 Dec 2013 16-17.12.2013 LMU Munich (Germany) Interdisciplinary communication and the exposome concept Internal Link
6 Mar 2014 17-19.03.2014 AUTH Thessaloniki (Greece) HEALS concepts and methodology, start of e-learning platform Internal WP3 Link
8 May 2014 JSI Ljubljana (Slovenia) The feasibility and extent of sharing biomarker data in Europe and the integration of existing data in the HEALS EWAS approach Internal WP4
8 May 2014 AUTH Ljubljana (Slovenia) Selection of biomaterials from population cohorts for omics analysis Internal WP5
12 Sep 2014 IOM Edinburgh
Recent advances in the environmental pressure and health outcomes associations Internal & External WP2
24 Sep-Oct 2015 TNO Amsterdam
HEALS SLAM – innovative workshop to attract young European researchers External
30 Mar 2016 UnivBris
Modeling external exposure Internal & external WP9/11
36 Sep 2016 CSIC Barcelona (Spain) State of the art in exposome research Barcelona (Spain) CSIC Internal & external
44 May 2016 AUTH Thessaloniki (Greece) Innovative tools for evaluating association between exposure and healths effects Internal & external WP12
48 Sep-Oct 2017 LMU Venice
How relevant is HEALS – stakeholders, NGOs and journalists External
56 Mar 2018 AUTH Paris
International conference “Linking exposome to human health” Internal & external
56 Mar 2018 UPMC Paris
Scientific advances on environmental stressors and health outcomes (Final training workshop – to be organised as satellite event of the HEALS final conference – Task 19.4) Internal & external WP14